Meet The Team

Author + Creator, Jocelyn De Leon

Hi! I AM Jocelyn De Leon -- I was born & raised in the San Fernando Valley (818 wassup!) and I am the proud founder + ceo of Sol y Luna Publishing. I created my first children's book because as a little girl I wish I would have known the power and impact that words have. I spent many years learning about all things mindset, from limiting beliefa, self-image, generational cycles, and so much more. I always wish this information was more accessible and presented by someone I could resonate I decided to become that person. Join me <3

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Illustrator, Zaida Diaz

Zaida Diaz is an incredible illustrator and owner of PWR Girlz. Zaida was able to perfectly capture Jocelyn's vision and go above and beyond. Zaida has worked with many incredible brands! Check out her work here!

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